Writing Your Annual Goals? Read This First…

I remember when I didn’t plan for anything. I remember thinking….I don’t have time to plan! I’m too busy living. Heck, I was just trying to get through the day, the hour and the minute. Things were utter chaos in my life….until I made a decision to change. 

I stopped blaming everyone and everything for my failures. Instead I took a good look in the mirror and evaluated what was wrong with ME! And what was RIGHT with me too for that matter. (Hey, it can’t all be bad!) It was only when I decided to be honest with myself about myself that things really began to change in my life. Once I got out of my own way I was able to create a realistic plan. 

You see, anyone can write down a goal. But only the ones willing to change themselves to achieve it are the ones who actually accomplish it. 

I’ve learned that I can’t change people…..I can only change myself and my reaction to them. I accepted that I can’t change an outcome until I change the process. So I changed me. I changed how I communicated, learned, listened and thought. And as a result, people began to see the change in me and it inspired them to change as well. 

Now every year before I write down my financial or career goals, I begin with self improvement. I start by creating a schedule to form good habits and replace bad ones. I list my areas of improvement within my faith, family and relationships. Then I create a plan to work on those areas each day.

I’ve found that once you are balanced from within, everything else you’ve planned tends to fall right into place. 

Wishing you all a Happy and Productive New Year! 

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