Dear Doubt,

Dear Doubt,

I am not your friend.

I am not your equal.

In fact, I am nothing like you and you are nothing like me.

I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me.

You see, I just need you to know a few things about me in case you were wondering.

My successes will surpass my dreams and my fears will strengthen me.

My ambition will empower others and my family will support me.

My faith will carry me through each day and when night falls I’ll bend my knees to pray.

My friends will pull me up should I fall and my God will create a door where there once was a wall.

My work will inspire others to do great things and my life will be remembered far more than earthly things.

So you see doubt, you have no place here

We are not friends.

We are not equal.

I am nothing like you and you are nothing like me.

Sincerely, Mary V. Davids

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