The Power of NO! 

If you gave up every time you heard NO you’d get NO-where! 

302 bankers turned Walt Disney down before ONE said yes to his theme park. 302! 😱😱

In 2014 Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom had 52,964 average visitors per day totaling 19,332,000 for the year and is the #1 theme park in the world and North America by attendance.💪🏽

Here’s the point: Stop allowing yourself to become discouraged😔 because someone doesn’t want to support you or work with you to change their life. 

When you hear NO you still WIN! 👊🏾How? Because you gain experience! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Every NO is an opportunity for you to practice handling rejection and gain clarity around your approach and learn. 

Soon hearing a NO will become an ordinary course of business.💁🏽 

Don’t let NO stop you, let it Fuel You! 😊





  1. Thank you, Mary Davids! You have this uncanny way of delivering what I need to hear. Gaining clarity and growth are essential. Keep it up.

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