What My 7yr Old Taught Me About Courage

Isn’t it crazy how we can become so inspired by surprise and how it can change our whole perspective on life, love, and everything else that takes up the room in our hearts?

For a while I’ve held this particular experience close to my heart. Even now that I write about it, I get teary-eyed because of the power and impact it has made in my life.

One day as I was volunteering for my son’s field trip to an Everglades wildlife park, we passed a stone on our route to see a butterfly exhibit. Unexpectedly my son (then 6yrs old) runs out of the line full of kids and over to do this:


At first glance, I thought he was just fooling around and I was swift to rush him back into the line, but before I formed my mouth to scold him I stopped and realized the power of his actions.

You see, I realized that he saw something I didn’t see. He saw an opportunity to move a roadblock out-of-the-way no matter how big it seemed to how small he was.

He understood the importance of trying anyway – even though the challenge seemed too big or scary. He understood what it meant to push harder, to take the risk (of mom’s wrath) and to JUST DO IT! Yes, my 7yr old taught me something most take a lifetime to learn.

He taught me in this small yet significant moment about what it meant to be courageous. How I must get out there and go do the work even when it seems overwhelming. How to live in the moment without letting the moment pass by while I stand still and continue to follow the line.

Yup, my 7yr old reminded me that fear is an option and we are only limited to road blocks as much as we allow ourselves to be.

So as I sit here and share this story with you, I hope it inspires you to stop ignoring your intuition and give yourself the freedom and approval to get out of the line.

Go against the grain.

Look at road-blocks as challenges you push out-of-the-way and ultimately overcome.

You can do this.

You must do this.

You will do this.

In the end, I guess big prizes really do come in little packages. 😉

Until next time,

Mary V. Davids

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