Do What You Love and the Money Will Come

I often ask my clients “What would you do for free?” before we begin our career coaching sessions. I’ve found that most people pick careers based on the probability of money being made. But it isn’t until we exclude the benefit of money that we begin to sincerely discover what we naturally love. Understanding this is like finding a golden nugget in the deepest darkest cave or seeing the sparkle of a rare diamond you have waited years to experience.

“I believe that when you tap into your core desires and motivations, when you keep your ultimate goals top-ofmind, you will achieve at the highest level you’re capable of.” -Keyon Dooling,  in his book, What’s Driving You?

The problem with working just for money is that soon your tolerance of other things within your work environment will fade. You’ll begin to have less and less patience when dealing with difficult customers, co-workers or superiors. You’ll begin to resent others because it appears they are enjoying life more than you are. Soon the money won’t really be worth your time because quickly you’ll come to realize that money isn’t everything and it can never bring you lasting happiness.

Money satisfies our immediate desires, but it cannot create a lasting sense of pleasure because everlasting joy is not for sale. Happiness is an emotional experience – a moment in time when we feel good about what we are doing or what we have done. It’s found in times we remember ways we’ve contributed to the happiness of others; how we’ve shared our time with those we love; how we’ve loved; and how we’ve felt loved. None of these things are purchasable on the open market.

Once you have decided to do what you love, your passion about it will become contagious. The more you join others in similar pursuit, you attract the kind of support you need – enabling you to reach those who will benefit from your gift. When you are doing what you love to do, people become inspired by your drive and dedication to your passion so much that they have no choice but to invest in your growth.

Remember: The very thing that gets you excited and passionate is what the world needs you to share.

So do what you love, invest time in your growth and I assure you, money will be the last thing on your worry list.

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