Three Things Every Mom Should Know

How busy moms can stay sane, work and raise a family

Okay, so confession time….

When I gave birth to my firstborn son, I was 22 years old. I had NO IDEA how I was going to manage being responsible for another human being.

While battling my constant worry, wanting him to live in a bubble and being down on myself about what I did wrong…

I realized something.

I owed him my best. It wasn’t optional. It was mandatory.

Truth be told, I was raised by a single mom (who adopted 3 of us…while single, which basically means she is an ANGEL) and by watching her is how I learned that LOVE is an action word.

So, in remembrance of my mom, I’m going to pass on to you some things I learned from her and some things I picked up along the way, too.

So here it goes – Mary’s Mommy Survival Tips

  1. Get a good planner. It will change (or possibly save) your life! Over a year ago, I came across one of the best planners in theeeeeeeeeeee world – in my opinion at least. It is, the only planner I have EVER successfully used. I will forever be a loyal customer. In it, I am able to brain dump every month, week, day and hour so I don’t feel so over whelmed with all the stuff I need to, want to, or should do. I put my kids’ schedule, my husband’s schedule and my own schedule in my planner. Unproductive Guilt Tip: At the end of each day, write down all the stuff you did that wasn’t on your to-do list. Trust me, you’ll feel waaaaaay more productive and plus, it’s a great reminder for you to realize just how awesome you are.

  2. Create some ground rules! Okay, you know all that stuff people around you try to tack on to your schedule, dump in your brain or make their emergency your priority? That’s why this tip is important. These are non-negotiable areas in your day or week strictly devoted to only the things on YOUR priority list. You see, if you have ground rules (ex: cut off times for work related things, scheduled date night or family time…etc) you can feel less guilty for not being able to avail yourself to things that do not align with your priorities for the day. This will keep you organized and limit you accidentally saying “yes” to things that should get a “no, sorry I’m already scheduled to __________”.

  3. Slow down. Plan time in for YOU! Just you. This could be your time spent praying, reading, reflecting, exercising or whatever else you do to relax and pour back into the vessel within. If you are not your best, how can you be the best possible value to someone else?

BONUS – Check in on your kids! For me, I make sure I’m conscious of just checking in with my boys instead of just following a routine every day, expecting them to tell me what’s going on in their lives. You see, your kids’ lives are not just what you see. Just like yours is not limited to what other people see, or limited to what your social media profile shows. I make it a point not to assume that just because I see them every day that I know what they are thinking, doing and feeling. I don’t. Never become so complacent that you overlook the fact that they are little humans who deal with things, tough things, just like you and I.

That’s it!

I hope your Mother’s Day is just as AMAZING as you!

Remember – give yourself some kudos for what you have done RIGHT.



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