Don’t Imitate. Innovate!

🌷 You’re an original – there is no reason to compete.

Many people spend their entire lives trying to imitate the behaviors, styles and careers of other’s instead of spending time investing in their own greatness. 🌟
Today I want to remind you that YOU HAVE what it takes to do great things but you need to #BELIEVE it! Being a carbon copy is not what you were created to be. That will never look good on you because it’s not for you! It’s someone else’s story❣

Your story is your differentiating factor. It can’t be in competition with anyone. Only you can tell it and only you have been able to build resilience and strength from going through it. 🌟

You don’t need to chase what someone else has to be validated.

Your story IS your validation. Tell it! Embrace it! Own it! (Then monetize it! 😆) <<What I do for my clients…. 💁🏽

But seriously though….you are awesome!!!🌟🌟

So go ahead and let your awesomeness shine! 💎💎 Bright Like A Diamond

Don’t imitate – innovate! 💡💡


  1. Thanks for this it has really helped me think better about myself. I’ve been in a bit of a rut this weekend and so I’m going to screenshot this and keep it.

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