Change is possible, but first….

Like many of my clients I have dreams and aspirations about my future. But I’ve found that the difference between having goals and actually executing them depends on these few things:

  • Your belief system – do you actually believe what you want to happen WILL actually happen?

When you believe things are going to happen, your mind has no choice but to tell your body to behave as though it is. Believing something is possible has to come from within. No matter how many times you hear how awesome you are, if you don’t believe it, you won’t require or pursue the things only available to awesome people. 

  • Your circle – the top five people closest to you that directly influence your behaviors and decision making habits.

When I teach this peer evaluation concept to my clients it is one of the most transformational activities of my coaching program because it requires you to really look at the people impacting your life. You need to know which questions to ask yourself about the people you’re connected to so you can find out if they are a negative or positive influence. Until you determine what and who you are being influenced by, it will be challenging for you to set yourself up for success and actually achieve your goals.

  • Your time management – You can have all the good intention in the world, but without having a realistic schedule, it will be undoubtedly difficult to finish anything in excellence without feeling overwhelmed.

One of the most challenging disciplines in life is mastering the ability to manage your time. To pursue reaching your goals you have to begin with prioritizing them so they blend into your day to day activities. But first, you’ll need to know where your time is going right now and then replace the unproductive actions with the productive actions. This neat time management log is a great place to start.

I’ve coached hundreds of people in pursuit of greatness, and the reason wasn’t because they didn’t have what it took to become greater. It was because they didn’t know how to strategize, discipline and actually do the great work they were capable of doing!

As I tell my clients, I’m not here to make you awesome. You’re already awesome. I’m here to provide you with the tools necessary for you to articulate, practice and monetize your awesomeness. 



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