The one thing you must never forget…

There was once a time in my life where I felt unworthy. At 17, my mom passed away and for the next two years I found myself completely vulnerable, trying to survive in a toxic enviornment. I felt alone, ugly and embarrassed about who I was. I didn’t think I had anything to offer to the world. I hated that feeling!

At 19 I found the courage to crawl my way out of that depressing emotional ditch I was in and I made a decision to give it just one more day…that’s all…one more day. 🙏🏽

That decision changed my life…

Since then I’ve vowed to change the lives of anyone I know going through a rough time, trying to figure out what their purpose is ✨.

I’ve vowed to do what’s necessary to make sure no one I know feels that emptiness and insecurity like I did.

It’s why I started my coaching practice to help people create a better life doing what makes them happy while getting paid their worth.

It’s the reason I volunteer so much to help young adults who are trying to figure out how to apply their skills in the workplace; and it’s the reason I can’t stop giving life-changing advice and success tips to rooms filled with people eager to get the answers and motivation they need to get to the next level.

Showing people the value in giving their dreams just one more day is my reason for living.

So today and every day I want to encourage you to give yourself just one more day. Just one more try at it. You can do this!

You’re Amazing!!! I know it!! Never forget it. Now go and show the world! 💕

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