Are You Ready?

It’s amazing what you learn when you listen to the conversations happening around you. As I sat in a small coffee shop on a Tuesday night catching up on some work, I overheard a few staff members going on and on about how they hadn’t had any time off. They complained about management never attending to their needs and how hard it was to get help and support during their shifts.

Naturally, as a career coach my next step was to offer help and guidance considering all the problems I overheard. Now I bet you can guess what happened next. Not one of them seemed interested in the opportunity to either change the environment or pursue other opportunities. Shocking? Nope!

I had to remind myself that there are some people that just want to be heard. They don’t actually want to do anything about the situation causing them stress.  They are perfectly content with their situation. But then there are also those people who talk aloud about their issues because they are calling out for help. They want someone to reach back and help them to get out of their situation.

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Which one are you? If you are in a situation at this very moment that you know is not part of fulfilling your passion and purpose, the next question you must ask yourself is: Are you ready?.

Here’s how to find out if you’re ready.

  • If you have a burning DESIRE to want better for your life, you are ready.
  • If the thought of being mediocre keeps you up at night, you are ready.
  • If you feel uncomfortable among people not pursuing their dreams, you are ready.
  • If you simply desire to want change, you are ready and you can do it.

Change is possible. All it takes is you making a decision to put action behind your goals and refuse to accept anything less than greatness.

Nothing happens unless and until we are open to change.

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