The Balancing Act:Being a Spouse, Parent and Having a Career

A former professor of mine once asked a question: “Who is the most important person in your life?” Naturally the class responded with a list of family members, children, spouses…etc. My professor responded: “Wrong. The most important person in your life should be you. Because if you are not happy and do not do the things you need to do to create joy in your heart, you will never be able to give the happiness and value to those around you whom you care about. You will be too busy expecting them to bring happiness to you.”

See, if you are not happy from within, you cannot give your best or become your best-self and as a result, you make your happiness a requirement of others. You begin to seek and expect others to give you the happiness you need instead of making it a goal for yourself.
I found this video quite profound and honest. Not so much because I am a wife and mother, but because I know the core of the reasoning is true for everyone.
Take a look.


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Posted by Omeleto on Tuesday, December 29, 2015


  1. Such a great message… it is so easy to forget about us (wife, mother) for taking care of the other dreams and desires of being taken care of.

  2. Ive always struggled in this area and i recently started going to bed earlier so that i can wake up at 5 am. During that time i am able to focus on the things that are important to me. Meditate, pray, goal planning, working out etc. My approach may not work for everyone but reserving some time to prioritize “you” is very important.

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