You Must Have the Will

As a career coach, people often tell me they have a desire to change but they don’t know how to do it. My response is always the same:

If you have the WILL to do one thing, you can do anything.

The first rule of change is to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Am I willing to sacrifice to reach my goals

2. Am I willing to learn from those who’ve done it

3. Am I willing to trust the process

Sure, you can learn the tips and tools you need to be successful, but ultimately YOU must posses the WILL necessary to execute the tasks at hand in order to make change happen. Learning how to become resilient is crucial to becoming your best self. You will need the tenacity it takes to sustain after you’ve reached your goals. These character traits are only accessible once you’ve been through the rough times and you’ve learned how to conquer them going forward.

So, my dear friend the question isn’t CAN YOU? It’s WILL YOU?

I’m here…. so let’s go! ✨


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