Time is Your Most Valuable Resource 

Every time we say “Yes” without thinking, we are mis-managing our time. Our time deserves much more consideration than it often receives.

I’ve had to learn this lesson several times throughout my career and every time I tell myself “Mary, you should have thought about that more before committing….” I should really listen to myself right? 

Here’s the real deal; We are all good people. We want to help! We want to be there when we are needed so we quickly say YES! as soon as someone asks us while they touch our heart with good reasons. Man! It gets us every time! Your connections know just how to get you to do it don’t they? (sneaky people!) 

But I’ve learned some valuable lessons that I want to share with you. 

A friend of mine asked me the other day…”How do you tell people No?” 

I told her, I don’t!…immediately at least. I just say these golden words: 

Let me sleep on it

You see, most people will allow you at least one night to think about something without debate…

I’ve found it is the quickest way to get ahead of yourself and your urge to say YES! when put on the spot. 

Time is your most valuable resource. It is something you can never get back, therefore strict requirements must accompany it. 

I want to share with you my rules about time: 

1. Guard it with your life 

2. Ask questions before you offer it 

3. Determine the value before delivering it 

4. Receive equal value when giving it

My friends, your time is the one thing if used wisely, that will create the greatest return on investment without you ever incurring debt to access it. Hold it dear to you! 

A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. -Charles Darwin 🌷 

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