Guard Your Time 

Today I was listening to my mentors’ periscope and she spoke a lot about how we sometimes can become distracted by investing time in people who are not ready for what we have to offer. People who are not  ready to put the work in behind the talk. 

Here’s what I took from her message today and I thought it would be of great value to share with you as well:

Sometimes we exhaust ourselves trying to convince others about why they need to change bad habits or what they need to do to get out of hardship but the truth is, if they wanted it badly enough they would RUN towards the opportunity to change it. 

You have to be willing to drop the seed, let them know you will be there when they are ready but you MUST also move on and surround yourself with like-minded people who are ready to work and make change happen. 

Everyone is not ready to be on the winning team. Everyone should not be your target audience and everyone should not get the privilege to be in your space without contributing to the goal. 

No one expects an employer to hire someone who doesn’t want to contribute but instead sit there and watch everyone else work. So why would you allow someone in your space who is watching you work, complaining about their hardship but doing nothing to change it? It’s absurd. 

Guard your time – spend it doing what will help you grow and what will help those who WANT to be helped grow.  

Limit the space within your circle only to those who are willing to sweat with you. 😊 


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