Learning how to GIVE

Today’s tip:

G – Go and find someone in need
I – Inspire others
V – Volunteer your time & advice
E – Educate & Empower people

So today on my periscope, I shared my thoughts on careers and how to build your brand. If you haven’t already, head on over and catch it while you still can (@MVDavids).

Many times in our careers when we are building we tend to automatically assume people should pour into our lives, help us grow and pay us what we are worth, all when we haven’t done what we needed to do to give to others. Sometimes your blessing only shows once you’ve invested time blessing someone else.

We need to 🚫 stop expecting to withdraw without depositing anything into others.

About 75% of my time is spent doing things I don’t get a paycheck for.

The other 25% is spent collecting money because I am actively doing what I love to do…..and by the way….it pays me WELL!

Let’s get out of the GIVE-ME mode and jump into the GIVE-ING (giving) mode. 💗

Until next time,

Mary V. Davids

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