Ignore the Lights

Your awesomeness is attractive, yes I know! And on your journey many things will look attractive to you but all too often we find those very things are merely distractions used to knock your focus off your goals.

Things may look glamorous on the outside but when you get to the core of it, it could turn out to be a dark and empty distraction.

Distractions are merely opportunities for you to practice discipline. – Mary V. Davids

Not everything that seems like a good fit IS a good fit.

A client of mine recently asked me how he could fit this great opportunity he was just given into his current career plan. I asked him to ask himself a few questions to determine if this is something he really wanted to do. And while I agreed the opportunity was great for someone, I wanted him to discover if it was good for him because I knew it would totally distract him from his path.

Sometimes things are thrown at us that look nice and are packaged well but if they are not aligned with our purpose and do not support our vision for our lives then they are just great opportunities – for someone else. We may be offered job opportunities and promotions that sound awesome on the surface but a year from now that excitement may dwindle down once we realize we shouldn’t have said “yes”.

Saying yes to something outside of your career goals is like signing up for an art class when you are pursing a degree in bio-chemistry. A complete waste of TIME! Time we can never get back.

While on your journey to creating a lasting career, I want you to remember to IGNORE THE LIGHTS! Focus on the end result and not the distractions that may try to grab your attention.

It’s okay to walk away from something that may be a great opportunity if it will not get you to where you need to be. Don’t be afraid to say NO to things that do not support your plan for your life. Don’t change your plan to accommodate an opportunity without really reviewing the pros and cons to see if it is truly the right fit for you.

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