Remind Yourself That You Are In Charge

Everything begins with a decision – decide now to be in charge of your own perception of reality. Because if you don’t, there are plenty of folks whose sole purpose in life is to craft that perception for you. – Tony D. Clark

Today I had to remind myself that I am in charge of my life and whatever God has for me, it already has my name on it. You see, I have been given the tools to do what I set out to do. Sure, the process may be different than how others would do it, but that is the beauty of your personal journey. It’s yours! It’s your life – your decision – your mistake – ALL YOURS!

I had to remember today that no matter how someone else perceives you, what matters most is how you perceive yourself. What matters is how you are changing lives and what matters is how you are making a difference in the world. And even when it doesn’t make sense to those around you, if you believe you can do it then I want you to wake up and go do it anyway.

Remember why you are here. Trust that you are not just a project for others to perfect – you are much more than that. You have something to share – something special the world needs to experience. So, forgive yourself for foolish decisions and love yourself during your process of growth. It will all contribute to your testimony. And when others share their views on your decisions, don’t forget to eat the meat and spit out the bone!

Until next time,

Mary V. Davids

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