No Turning Back Now!


I’ve thought about it over the years and for some unexplainable reason I just couldn’t seem to set aside the time to do it and then today it happened. BOOM! Just like that, it dawned on me. Why not now? Why wait until later to pursue that which I know will take me to the next level?

There’s no reason really, just plain old simple procrastination. Yep, here is another time I can put the blame on my arch nemesis, Mr. Procrastination. Now that I think about it, procrastination and I have always had a love/hate relationship. He’s there when I need him and I’d have to say my best work is often done with his help, but man oh man is he a thorn in my side that dares to take me all the way down to the wire!

I remember when I was in college I always waited until the last-minute to finish my papers. It didn’t matter the length of the paper or its scope; I had no desire to take a proactive approach in completing something that wasn’t yet due. I mean, really? Why would I do that (which required an extreme amount of discipline by the way) when I could do something much more exciting; like for instance, anything else!

Now you may think I’m exaggerating but I kid you not my friends, when I say the last-minute I literally mean the last-minute. I once hit the “send” button at 11:59:57pm on a research paper requiring a minimum of 40 pages which I had no less than 7 weeks to complete! (I scored an “A” on by the way)

I’d have to agree with Alan Dean Foster when he said: The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing”. In a nutshell, Mr. Procrastination was my weakness……until now.

Today I will begin doing the very thing I’ve been putting off for years. Today I will put action behind those written goals and today I encourage you to do the same.

Start today – because tomorrow is not promised and today is waiting for you to assign a life-changing memory to it.

I invite you to share your journey to success with me as I continue to share my views, enlighten, empower, encourage and educate the masses on thought-provoking topics related to career development, employee engagement, leadership and business management.

My desire is that we may, together continue to discover ways we can transform potential into advantage.

Are you with me?

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