Dear Mother

Mothers-Day-Fun-Quotes-1The tears your cry, the relentless fights you have in your greatest effort to protect, secure and save your children from the evil in the world, it isn’t in vain.It may not seem like they get it all the time, but they do. I did, you did and so will they.

So keep going in your mission to raise the leaders of tomorrow.

Your commitment, hard work, sacrifice, courage, patience, boldness and strength does not go without notice nor is it defined by the mistakes your children may make now. For they are still learning how to use the tools you’ve given them and ultimately, your impression will go far beyond this moment, but as for today – here is my prayer for you.

Today is your day to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. Today is your day to forego the laundry, the dishes, cooking a meal or cleaning the floors. It’s your day to dance in your underwear, take an uninterrupted dip in the pool, eat dinner for breakfast and take an afternoon nap.

It’s your day to watch a lifetime movie channel marathon, run a marathon, visit a friend, finish that book or gossip all day about a reality show gossip. Go ahead and have a tickle fight with your kids until your stomach aches, eat ice cream for breakfast, play video games, play dress up and win staring contests.

It’s your day to get all the hugs, give all the kisses your heart desires and it’s your day to do what you love with whom you love. It’s your day to cry uncontrollably or laugh until you pee your pants. You’re approved to do whatever it is your heart desires.

From tirelessly working to make your home picture perfect or letting it all pile up without a care. You see, this day was created for you to enjoy, share in and embrace all those aspects of motherhood that have impacted your life from being parented to parenting.

Continue to become an inspiration to aspiring mothers and children in need of your love. You deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.


Mary V. Davids, Mom of two – figuring it out just like you!

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