Ego or Legacy: Choose One

Often legacy is a word used when remembering a long life; but the truth is no one really knows the longevity of others and we must realize that our legacy is built every day we go about our routine. It’s created through our words, our affirmations, our kindness or lack thereof and each day, we ultimately decide how we will impact the world.

In moments of passionate conversation we tend to become more concerned about our ego’s vs. the relationship(s) we have with others. We prioritize getting our points across without being the ‘wrong one’ instead of actively listening to one another. As a result, we allow our ego’s to interfere with our legacy creating an unintended negative memory  in the minds of those we hold dear.

So while it may feel great to ‘win’ a fight or battle, just remember there is always a sacrifice made during the war. My question to you – are you willing to sacrifice your legacy to feed your ego?

How we impact the lives of those around us is how we will be remembered. – Mary V. Davids

Protect your legacy. It is far more valuable than your ego.

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