June Book Pick!

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the-people-factor-VAN-MOODY-2This month we picked Van Moody’s The People Factor. Here’s what Van Moody helps the reader to discover:

  • How to have healthy relationships
    with unhealthy people
  • How to positively engage at work and
    advance your career
  • How to identify and thrive in a “toxic”
  • How to know when helping someone
    is actually hurting you
  • How to set compassionate
    relationship boundaries
  • How to end relationships in a healthy
    and respectful way

“To build and maintain deep, substantive relationships, people must know themselves, be honest about themselves, and share their true selves with others.” – Van Moody

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Mary V. DaviMDD-160ds is Principal Consultant at D&M Consulting Services, LLC. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. Mary has over a decade of experience in cultivating employee engagement, enhancing employee motivation and workplace performance, leadership coaching and training & development. She also serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the South Florida Chapter of the National Association of African American’s in Human Resources. Book Mary to speak at your next event or hire Mary for leadership & professional development consultation today. Follow Mary on twitter @MVDavids.

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